Business Manager : Keith Harris ( )
Business Manager : Keith Harris ( )

CL&P Update 2/27/2014

CL&P Update

We want to let everyone know where we are on a few significant issues at CL&P. 

On troubleshooters, we have had three meetings with the Company: one full committee and two smaller committees to try to talk through the issues and get the Company back to the table to address coverage issues as agreed to in our current contract.  What the Company is stuck on and what they say they have to have is the ability to have shooters cross district and franchise lines.  Nearly everything else is manageable except that point.  The membership rejected the first offer last time because of that point.

They can add many shooters and shifts with the current language we have, but it appears they want it all and if not, they say they are willing to contract the work out at what we hear is double the cost and more.

We spoke to our Second District Vice President and are trying to get a meeting with all the parties involved.  We have only one goal: to honor and administer the agreement we have in place, which includes the area work center agreements which can be changed to add more coverage as the current contract allows for. For the record there are no “secret” meetings and no deals are being made. We will provide more info as we have it.

As far as the building closures are concerned, the Public Utility Regulatory Agency is going to rule in mid-March.  We have met with the Energy Committee Chairs at the state legislature to express our concerns and will be meeting with the new Commissioner in a few weeks.  The Company is moving along with their plan, and as of right now there is not a date to meet on the Willimantic and Middletown facilities.  We will have representation involved from the affected areas if and when that comes.

We are still meeting with the other IBEW Locals, 420, 455, 1837 and the company on the switching and tagging changes NU is looking to make.

John Fernandes & Keith Harris