Business Manager: Russell Harper ( )

A Message from John and Keith

           As everyone is painfully aware, the past 18 months have been full of change all across CL&P.  It has been a trying time at best and here we sit 9 months away from the expiration of the Blue and Green contracts.  At the end of the last Blue and Green negotiations we said we would start negotiations 6 months early going forward, which we have done with other contracts as well.  We have had discussions with 420 and the Company about combining the contracts, starting negotiations even earlier as well as how to resolve the Troubleshooter issue.  We have had a number of Officers in the office to take a first cut at what a combined contract would look like.

            There are a lot of things in play at the moment, such as the Troubleshooters and Meter Service arbitrations, so hopefully in the coming days we’ll know what direction we’re heading in.  Our goal is to take our work back and try to move forward.  Obviously that is far easier said than done but the only way we get there is to try. We didn’t ask for this mess but it’s time to adapt to change and make it work for us.

John & Keith