Business Manager: Russell Harper ( )

Update on Blue/ Green Combo & Taking Trouble Work Back

For those of you that have been attending the CL&P Unit meetings you are aware that we are trying to reach an agreement with the Company to get our people back in the trouble trucks.  To date the Company has only been willing to start this in a few districts and we feel that it would be unfair to exclude one for another.  Our commitment is to do it in all districts.

As many of you are aware there has been a lot of talk about combining the Blue and Green contracts.  To that end we’ve had some of the E-Board members in the office developing what a combined book would look like.  Local 420 has been doing the same thing and on November 12 & 13 we will be meeting with the Company to see if this is something that can be accomplished or not.  We’ll have further info as things develop.

John Fernandes & Keith Harris