Business Manager : Keith Harris ( )
Business Manager : Keith Harris ( )

Blue & Green Combo Meetings Cancelled

            As you may be aware, there have been meetings between our Local, 420, and the Company to discuss combining the Blue & Green Books. The reason this is occurring is, during negotiations, in order to reduce the forced on-call Troubleshooter rotation, a schedule was created that worked for us, provided we agreed to meet and discuss the Company’s needs going forward.

            This is not the first time this has been looked at. Over the years there have been many meetings to discuss the combination of the books and the bottom line is there has to be a long term financial incentive to make that happen.

            After 10 subcommittee meetings (Locals only) we again met with the Company on the 19th to discuss the progress to that point.

            As a committee we felt we couldn’t continue without some answers on the issue of building closures.  We know there is a committee looking at facilities and if they are looking to combing some districts we needed to know that now.

            The Company did not have any information regarding the buildings issue and yet they wanted to continue their discussion on the Responses Specialist (some version of Troubleshooter).

            Because there was no information provided on what the Company will look like going forward, the committee felt it was unreasonable to continue without answers. 

            We’ll provide updates if anything changes.

On Behalf of Your Negotiating Committee,

John Fernandes & Keith Harris