Business Manager : Keith Harris ( )
Business Manager : Keith Harris ( )

John's Statement at the Last Day for the CL&P Rate Case

John Fernandes was present at PURA today for the final day for arguments for the CL&P rate case. They allowed for a brief public comment. The following was read into the record by John: 
Good morning, my name is John Fernandes, Business Manager of IBEW Local 457 in Berlin, CT.
I would like to briefly comment on the pre-filed testimony of Ken Bowes from June 9th. 
Mr. Bowes states that the labor Unions would not agree to change work practices- the fact is we had just put an agreement in place that the Company chose not to honor.
Why would anyone believe they would honor a future agreement when they refuse to honor the current agreement?
Additionally, he’s reported 5 million dollars for his new Troubleshooter program saying that figure is conservatively based on internal labor, yet, since they have spent upwards of 20 million dollars on their program; more than twice the cost had they used their own employees.
While they may not have asked for those dollars they have to come from somewhere, so will it be at the expense of better customer service? It’s abundantly clear to us that they aren’t being prudent with rate payer dollars.