Business Manager : Keith Harris ( )
Business Manager : Keith Harris ( )

Workers Memorial Day and Safety

After participating in Workers Memorial Day I thought of all the people I know that have been hurt on the job.  Many of those injuries were minor, some more severe requiring hospitalization, and then there are the few friends that died on the job.  One of them, Frank Gasper, I considered a mentor. He was a tough guy Vietnam Vet, didn’t mince words, and knew the work well.  When things would get crazy during storms he was known to say, “You’re not taking me out of here in a pine box.” Well the fact is that’s exactly how they took him out due to miscommunication of a contractor error during a thunderstorm.  I was out there that night and I’ll never forget it.

Our CEO says he wants all his McDonalds to serve burgers and fries- just a tad condescending.  Fact is we deliver electricity and we do it well and should be doing it all currently but someone doesn’t want to play ball.

So with all the distractions and miscommunication we need to keep our mind in the game and stay focused on the task at hand.  Your safety depends on it.  There are plenty of rules in place for your protection.  Let’s make sure we follow them; Company rules, OSHA, DOT.  They are all there to maintain a safe work environment so let’s be sure to follow each and every one of them so that we can go home to our families each and every night.

John Fernandes