Build Back Better

Domestic Renewable Manufacturing Ramps Up

The Biden administration invoked the Defense Production Act to ease supply chain issues around solar panels on June 6, while continuing its investigation into possible Chinese trade violations.

Taken together, IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson said the suite of executive actions will build America’s energy arsenal and spur domestic energy manufacturing while reducing energy costs, supporting good-paying union jobs, and strengthening U.S. energy independence while maintaining strong labor standards.

8M New Jobs Fuel Stronger Employment Market

Nearly 8 million new jobs have been added to the U.S. economy since the end of 2020. This means that employment is nearly matching pre-pandemic levels from two years ago. Construction is among the leading sectors for job growth, and that is only likely to improve as funding for infrastructure projects resulting from the historic new law comes to fruition.

Ordering The Federal Government To Go Green

President Biden signed an executive order requiring the federal government to reduce emissions from its buildings,vehicles and operations.

With it, the administration seeks to transform how thegovernment builds, purchases and operates while supportingthe growth of the domestic clean energy and clean technologyindustries.

President Lonnie Stephenson cheered the Dec. 8 announcement.

Acting To Move Spent Nuclear Fuel To Permanent Locations

The Biden administration is taking a new approach to the tons of spent nuclear fuel temporarily housed at nuclear plantsacross the country.

The Department of Energy has announced a search for willing communities to store the nuclear waste after abandoningthe decades-long effort to designate Nevada’s Yucca Mountain as a repository following local opposition.