In Memoriam

Peter Cascio

Moment of Silence for Brother Peter Cascio, 93, 9/22/1928 - 4/19/2022. Pete was Bus. Mgr. of Local 469 which was actually the New London Operating area before Local 457 was formed in 1972. Many areas were individual locals under System Council U-24 which were later merged to form one large local (457). Pete had a huge part in what we knew as the Green Book (HELCO) for many years. He was one of the forefathers of our Local as we know it now. Most importantly, Peter was an IBEW Member for over 70 years and always read his IBEW newsletter cover to cover every month. He was also a US Navy Veteran (Sub-Service). Pete’s contributions to our local throughout the years will never be forgotten. He will be truly missed.